Job Offers

We are looking for talented developers to join our EPESI team.


  • creative thinking
  • problem solving / analytical skills
  • fluent in English (read, write, speak)
  • very good knowledge of PHP
  • HTML / CSS
  • Javascript / Ajax
  • SQL (MySQL, PostrgeSQL)
  • ability to work independently and with a team
  • ability to demonstrate at least one working application written in PHP

We offer:

  • competitive compensation
  • flexible working hours
  • work from your own desk
  • set your own working schedule

You will be employed by Telaxus LLC located near Philadelphia, USA or by Telaxus Sp. z o.o. located in Kraków, Poland, however you will work from your own home/office - there is no need to relocate. Our team consists of young enthusiasts and visionaries creating a new software platform on which efficient web based applications for managing business information can be built - EPESI framework. We don't have a complicated corporate structure. You don't need to drive to work. You don't need to be stuck in the traffic coming back from work in the afternoon. Just stay where you are, where you are comfortable, and get paid for your creativity and hard work.

You will need:

  • a computer of course (Windows, OS X, Linux - whatever you like)
  • Internet connection
  • your favorite editor or IDE

Before contacting us you should have at least a general idea of what we do. Therefore you should complete the following steps:

If you decide that this is an application that you can understand and developing modules for specific business needs is something you will enjoy - please contact us.

Our team members are located in different cities and we rarely meet. We barely use e-mails. Communication between team members happens via:

  • EPESI bugtracker (of course)
  • chat, Skype sometimes phone

If you think that you meet these requirements and would like to join our virtual office please contact us for details.