Cloud edition

The easiest and fastest way to start using EPESI CRM in your business. We supply dedicated servers with optimized configuration, automated updates and additional support. It costs less then a $1 per day. Try our 30-day free trial now!

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Enterprise edition

Most advanced option of implementation with premium technical support and superior IT solutions. Dedicated for bigger companies and organizations with complex issues and structures.
Contact us for more details!

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DIY edition

If you have your own server and you have IT experience you can choose DIY (do-it-yourself) option. Download and install EPESI on your server and use it for free. On our forum you can get some help with installation and configuration for free.

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What is EPESI?

EPESI CRM is an open source application dedicated for any company. It is a tool with multiple features that allows organizing, processing and storing information in every business. It helps you to manage your data precisely, flexibly and easily, simplifying internal communication and making workflow more efficient.

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How does EPESI work?

The features of EPESI CRM:
- shared calendar;
- tasks and address book;
- an integrated e-mail client;
Unique solutions:
- advanced permission system;
- easy form filling (Click2Fill);
- record change tracking (Watchdog);
- full record history.

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Why use EPESI?

Advantages of EPESI CRM:
1. web-based application;
2. easy to use and configure;
3. intuitive interface;
4. modular structure;
5. organized internal communication;
6. multilingual handling;
7. OS platform independent;
8. enterprise support.

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Your Inbox doesn't have to look like this If you are buried under tons of unread yet e-mails and want to:
  • start managing e-mails efficiently with a few clicks
  • improve internal communication
  • reorganize and optimize the flow of information in your company
  • replace your current CRM system because it doesn't satisfy
  • save time and money

  • then try EPESI and reclaim your Inbox!

    Because Outlook and e-mail is not a CRM. We give you the solution.

“I am very impressed by the software it is the best open source I have worked with.” Norman Fuchs

“Congratulations on what I believe is one of the best Open Source CRM applications out there. At least in the UI and ease of use areas Epesi BIM is in front of the competition. Your software is straight forward and easy to use with no intensive training required.” charliep

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