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Writing good software takes a lot of time and effort. We have been working on Epesi since summer of 2006. Surprisingly, there are many Epesi users who use the software for over a dozen years without upgrading, without any modifications or extensions, who never contacted us. It turns out that even basic Epesi CRM was sufficient enough to run their businesses. After 17 years, Epesi become a mission critical, strategic software for hundreds of small and mid-size companies and organisations.

"Above all, being part of an open-source culture, with its fast-changing processes and systems, is an incredible driver of an organisation's digital transformation. Sharing, co-creation and open innovation have profoundly changed the system, making open-source software a strategic option for many companies." by Daniel Glazman, VP Software Technologies at Thales

Epesi is a powerful and multi functional tool, that is given to community for free and under truly Open Source license. It gives opportunities for people that would like to join the development, distribution and popularization of Epesi by contributing their time and skills. We appreciate any support from our users.

Contribute to 17 years old FOSS project Epesi

You can get involved in the project and the software as a:

  • Partner - by introducing Epesi to new users and helping them with issues they may encounter
  • Developer - by helping us with development of new features, documentation, new ideas or by creating new Epesi modules
  • Translator - by making new or expanding existing translations of Epesi interface
  • Employee - we recruit talented people to join our team and get paid
  • Customer - by creating new modules for Epesi in your company and sharing/selling them to community

See more detailed description and don't hesitate to contact us! We appreciate any support from our users.

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If you can not contribute with your skills and time, you can support us with a donation

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