At fees you can afford

Our services are tailored to small business Owners like you. We understand that you want a cost effective solution, you may have little time to investigate the details and you have little or no IT support staff on site. By including us in your process, we will save you money helping you choose the most effective solution in your budget, while saving you valuable time as we do the footwork.

Our free introductory interview helps outline what is possible and gives you the opportunity to explain your specific needs and answer the questions you have.

Free software and services

These software and services we offer completely free of charge and open source:

  • EPESI CRM - fully developed and functional CRM
  • ERP modules - available to download via EPESI Store
  • EPESI PHP framework - the foundation on which ERP applications can be built
  • Technical Support via Forum
  • User, Administrator and Developer manual on
  • 1 hour free consultation after registering your Epesi in Epesi Store
We are giving this application to community for free because:
  • Every business and organization needs good applications to operate
  • The cost of proprietary software license is very often prohibitive
  • We strongly believe in open source principles
  • We are using many open source projects within EPESI framework and it is our way to say Thank you!