Established in 2006, Epesi is a private, independent IT Consulting company offering Cloud Infrastructure and authorial Software stack including Open Source CRM (Customer Relationship Management), low-code no-code RAD (Rapid Application Development) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to small and mid-size businesses globally.

This site, https://epesibim.com is dedicated to provide general information about Epesi BIM software for DIY (Do It Yourself) administrators, business owners, startups, freelancers and other self-starters.

Epesi BIM (Business Information Manager) is a part of larger Epesi Enterprise Nervous System, or Epesi ENS for short. You can read more about this Open Source project at https://github.com/jtylek/OSENS

Current projects run by Epesi

Contact Details

Epesi 1260 E. Woodland Ave. Unit 17a, Springfield, PA 19064-3969, USA
Phone number: +1 (646) 547-1026
Email address: support [at] epe.si

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