26 September 2016

news – Release

Latest version of EPESI

New version 1.8.0 of EPESI has been released. Lots of fixes have been implemented for better efficiency and usability. Read More ›

15 September 2016


Autumn Promotion

Buy packages of training hours and save 25%! Improve your knowledge about EPESI! Start customizing and configuring your EPESI on your own! Read More ›

11 August 2016


Summer Sale

Buy EMPLOYEES VACATION MANAGEMENT Premium Module and save 25%! Start managing your crew holidays and free time easily and effectively! Read More ›

23 June 2016

news – MODULES

New version of Sales Opportunity module

There is an update in the store, that may require additional steps to install. Read More ›

16 June 2016


June Sale

Special Sale Promotion - save 25% on ASSETS and VEHICLES Premium modules and start managing your property and have everything under control! Read More ›

09 June 2016

news – SITE

Polish version of EPESI website

Version of EPESI website dedicated for Polish market has been released. Read More ›

12 April 2016


Spring Sale

Special Spring Sale Promotion - save 25% on Accounting Bundle Premium module and start managing your finances efficiently! Read More ›

16 March 2016


Easter Sale

Special Easter Sale Promotion - save 25% on List Manager and Campaign Manager Premium modules and contact your customers efficiently! Read More ›

14 March 2016

news – Release

Latest version of EPESI

New version 1.7.2 of EPESI has been released. Assets and Vehicles Premium Modules added to Epesi Store. Read More ›

04 February 2016


Valentine's Day Sale

Special Valentine's Day Sale - save 25% on Data Import or White Label Premium module and optimize your business processes! Read More ›

28 January 2016

news – Release

Latest version of EPESI

New version 1.7.1 of EPESI is ready to download. Accounts on Epesi Cloud are to be updated automatically. Read More ›

15 December 2015


Christmas Sale 2015

Sale 25% off on selected Premium Modules. Extend the functionality of Your Epesi and save money for other Christmas presents! Read More ›

02 December 2015

news – Release

Latest version of EPESI

Version 1.7.0 of EPESI system has been released. It is ready to download. Read More ›

30 November 2015


Cyber Monday with EPESI

30% OFF ... for Premium Modules. One day promotion. Read More ›

27 November 2015


Black Friday with EPESI

25% OFF ... for Premium Modules and Premium Support Read More ›