Updating EPESI and new releases

New releases and their frequency

Till recently we tried to make every release a huge thing, a big event, with lots of new features and improvements. This approach had its merits, for example our users didn't have to spend time on updating too often and there was a lot of time to get used to all the changes before the new ones were introduced.

Why another CRM?

There are many commercial and open source CRM applications on the market and some of them are mature products. So why to develop another one? Several years ago we were looking for a decent web based CRM type of application that can be easily customized. After evaluating dozens of products we came to the conclusion that none of them have features that we were looking for.

What our users think about us?

This is what our users are saying about EPESI:

"I am very impressed by the software it is the best open source I have worked with."
- Norman Fuchs

"First off, kudos on a great piece of web software. This is an amazing package."
- superdave421

"Definitely great work and kudos to you guys!"
- chenli

"Wonderful software... it's just amazing!"
- BradCurnow