How to start using EPESI


There are three options to get EPESI:

  1. Cloud edition - with dedicated hosting
  2. Enterprise edition - with Premium Support
  3. DIY edition - free download

Installation and setup guide

EPESI installation EPESI is a web application which is installed on a web server - we call it EPESI Web Application Server or simply EPESI Server.

To use EPESI you need a computer with Internet connection and a web browser, which connects to EPESI Server and acts as a client. We will refer to a client frequently as a browser.

You don’t need to do anything special to configure your client/browser. In fact, if you are reading this it means that you already have fully configured browser with working Internet access. There are many browsers available for many operating systems and EPESI works very well on almost all of them.

It has been tested and used on:
Epesi works on Windows, Linux, Apple operating systems - Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
- Apple OS X, iOS
- Linux
as well as tablets running iOS and Android OS.

EPESI is compatible with the following browsers (clients):
EPESI is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE - Chrome (preferred)
- Firefox
- Opera
- Safari
- Internet Explorer*
*Works, but due to its limitations and lack of full support of internet standards it is not recommended.

Setting up EPESI Web Application Server

To run your own EPESI Server you need to have properly configured HTTP server with PHP support and a database engine - so called LAMP stack.
LAMP stack While this is generally a task for an experienced IT person, today there are many options available to end users which make the process very simple and easy.

There are few ways to get EPESI. We will try to recommend the best one for you. The question is, what kind of server you are going to use for EPESI - dedicated (EPESI cloud) or yours (own or external)?

1. Cloud edition - our web server (paid service)

The easiest and fastest way to start using EPESI.
If you don’t have your own web server then the simplest approach is to use our EPESI cloud plan. Using an automated setup wizard we will configure it for you and you will be running EPESI at any time. All you need is a valid e-mail address under which you will register your own instance. The EPESI cloud plan comes with free 30-days trial.

The cost is 30 USD per month (or even 25 USD if you buy subscription for whole year). Read more about our EPESI cloud and service plans here.

2. Enterprises edition - complex implementation with Premium Support

With this option we provide a whole package of installation, data migration, settings adjustment, training and all that is needed for your EPESI to work as you intend it to. The exact fee depends on the scope of help you want to acquire and is a subject for negotiations.
Contact us for details!

3. DIY edition - customer’s own web server (free download)

This way of installation is completely free, but it requires time and skills from you or your employee. Still, you’re not completely on your own - we provide whole set of free tools and support to help you with your EPESI.
Learn more about requirements to run and use EPESI.
If you manage your own web server and would like to make use of it, you can choose one of the 4 do-it-yourself installation method depending on your computer skills.

  • Softaculous Autoinstaller - the first and the easiest way is the auto installation with Softaculous Autoinstaller ( which is integrated into leading Control Panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, H-Sphere. You can get EPESI within few clicks and after few minutes start enjoying it!
  • EPESI Easy Installer - the second method, just a bit more difficult, is an easy install with Sourceforge.
  • Manual installation - the third option is to manually download EPESI from and then upload it to your own server via FTP client.
  • Github depository - the forth option is to manually download EPESI from or clone its depository to create a separate “fork” for further own development.

An experienced administrator can install EPESI using shell.

EPESI cloud - fast and effortless

EPESI hosting For all those that would like to use EPESI without the hassle of configuring a server and installing EPESI we have prepared a dedicated hosting service - Cloud edition.

To learn more and get details about parameters go to our dedicated page.

Start your 30-day free trial now, so you can test it first - no credit card required.


EPESI Store is a place where you can find additional functionalities. Here you can find premium modules (free and paid), obtain licenses for them and download their contents. These modules are extensions to the core CRM functionality, that address specific needs of different kinds of businesses.

Access directly from CRM

You can browse and obtain modules in the Store directly from your EPESI, provided you have a Super Administrator clearance. To access it, go to Modules Administration & Store section in Administrator panel. Go to Store tab if you want to browse and obtain new modules or to My Purchases for downloading modules you already obtained licenses for.

Registered installations and licenses

In order to be able to use EPESI Store you first need to register your installation and obtain a License Key. All your purchases will be bound to this installation and License Key and at any time there can be only one installation running with the specific License Key.

Some premium modules are available for free, but in order to use them you still need to obtain a license for them through the Store.

Once you obtain the license you are eligible for all the future updates of the modules without any additional payments. Also, any changes in prices will not affect any of the modules you already have license for.

The price of the app displayed in the Store includes the prices of all other modules required by this app to work. If you already have some of the required modules, their price will not be included. For example, you want to get module C that requires modules A and B. If you already have module B, the price displayed will be the sum of prices of A and C.

Before making a purchase make sure that the module fits your expectations (check the module's description and demo).
We provide no refunds for the purchased modules due to the nature of our Commercial License. You can contact us for more details and assistance.

Quick links:
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Get EPESI for free and increase the productivity in your company!