EPESI Store is a place where you can find additional functionalities. Here you can find premium apps, obtain licenses for them and download their contents. These apps are extensions to the core CRM functionality, that address specific needs of different kinds of businesses.

Access directly from CRM

You can browse and obtain apps in the Store directly from your EPESI, provided you have a Super Administrator clearance. To access it, go to Modules Administration & Store section in Administrator panel. Go to Store tab if you want to browse and obtain new apps or to My Purchases for downloading apps you already obtained licenses for.

Registered installations and licenses

In order to be able to use EPESI Store you first need to register your installation and obtain a License Key. All your purchases will be bound to this installation and License Key and at any time there can be only one installation running with the specific License Key.

Some premium apps are available for free, but in order to use them you still need to obtain a license for them through the Store.

Once you obtain the license you are eligible for all the future updates of the apps without any additional payments. Also, any changes in prices will not affect any of the apps you already have license for.

The price of the app displayed in the Store includes the prices of all other apps required by this app to work. If you already have some of the required apps, their price will not be included. For example, you want to get app C that requires apps A and B. If you already have app B, the price displayed will be the sum of prices of A and C.

Before making a purchase make sure that the app fits your expectations (check the app's description and demo). We do not provide any refunds for the apps already bought.