How to get help with EPESI CRM for free

Free Support

These are the ways of free support for EPESI. You should find there answers for all your questions and confusions.


Forum is the best way to reach EPESI developers directly. There we answer all kinds of questions and help with problems encountered by EPESI users. Developers can get there help with installation, data import, bugs and advice on how to use the framework for particular needs. We try to answer questions posted on forum within a week or less.


User manual

Our user manual explains all main areas of EPESI and helps with getting started, managing records, settings, etc. It’s written in a way that is easy to follow for everyone, with lots of screenshots and comments. It is continuously a work in progress, so some sections might not be well-covered.


Framework documentation

This part is for developers. We have a site dedicated entirely for EPESI documentation. There are most common functions and uses described. It is a work in progress, so some parts of code might not be described here. If you find yourself in a need of information about these parts, please state your questions on our forum.


Comparison of support scope

Free Support Premium Support
  • Forum
  • User Manual
  • Framework Documentation
  • Included in Free Support
  • Direct comunication (phone, Skype, e-mail)
  • Remote access to your computers and servers
    (FTP, Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, TeamViewer etc.)
  • Dedicated trainings and seminars for users
  • EPESI cloud - dedicated hosting for EPESI
    (with free 30 days trial)
  • Complete implementation and setup of EPESI
  • Data migration from other CRM systems to EPESI
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Detailed analysis and optimization of your business processes
  • Installation and modification of other software
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
This support is always for free This support is priced on case by case basis.

Quick links:
| Trial version | Forum | User Manual | Framework Documentation |

Use FORUM as a fastest way of get help with EPESI!