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EPESI cloud FAQs

I don’t want to use your service any longer - can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, there is no refund option if you decide to stop using our service, even if you completely remove your installation.
*All parameters and prices mentioned here are part of our hosting promotion which has been prolonged till the end of June 2016. These parameters and prices will remain valid for all the purchases made during the promotion.

Can I remove my installation?

Yes, there is an option to remove the installation and all its data, available at any moment. It should be considered very carefully, because it is irreversible and the data can’t be restored after you perform this action. More info here.

How long do you keep my installation and its data?

The period of keeping inactive installations depends on the status of particular installation. If your installation is inactive after being a trial, your data will be stored for 30 days. If your installation was upgraded to hosting plan, the data is stored for 180 days from the day it becomes inactive.

My installation has expired. What do I do?

After expiration of hosting service you can still manage your installation for another 180 days (30 if installation was on trial status when expired). All actions can be made by using an e-mail account on which the installation was registered. You can extend your installation by paying for another period - your installation will become active again. You can also download your data or remove the installation. More info here.

Does purchasing and using additional module change the price of hosting service?

No, hosting fee doesn’t change. You can purchase as many modules as you want from EPESI Store and the hosting price won’t change because of that.

Can I purchase additional modules for my EPESI hosting installation?

Purchasing modules from EPESI Store is available to unlocked hosting installations. That means that in order to purchase any modules you have to upgrade and unlock your installation.

What are the restrictions of hosting (compared to DIY installation)?

There are just few minor restrictions: you can’t modify the code of existing modules and you can’t add your own custom modules to the installation.

I don’t know how to use EPESI. Where can I find any help?

The primary resource for instructions is EPESI manual. You can also ask questions on our forum.

My installation doesn’t work - what should I do?

If your installation doesn’t work, please contact us, either via our support e-mail address (provided in every e-mail sent to you and in Hosting Management administrator module) or via contact form.

How do I unlock my installation?

For detailed instruction on unlocking full installation, click here.

What does “unlocking installation” mean?

Unlocking means that installation becomes labeled as “full” instead of “trial” one. The process of this change requires about a minute, in which time there is no access to installation. That’s why unlocking was separated from the upgrade process, so you can choose the best time for it to happen when no one needs EPESI. You can unlock installation at any time, even a few days after upgrading. The installation won’t become inactive just because it is locked.

How do I switch from trial to hosting plan?

To upgrade your installation from trial to hosting plan you need to register and make first payment. For detailed instruction on how to do that, click here.

What happens after trial?

To continue using our service after your free trial, you need to upgrade it to hosting plan. You can do it at any time while trial is active (without loosing free days) or up to 30 days after it expires. If you don’t upgrade it, you can still use all your data entered during trial in your own DIY installation of EPESI. Your data will be stored for 30 days after the trial expires.

What are the differences between trial and normal version?

The main difference is that trial version isn’t considered as a separate registered installation. That means that you can’t purchase modules from EPESI Store and update the software.

What is “free trial”?

Free trial is a special offer that allows you to use our hosting service for free for the first 30 days. It is considered as an option to test and try EPESI and hosting, which gives you time to decide if you want to use our hosting or not. When you upgrade from trial to hosting plan by registering and making first payment, you are still eligible for all free days that left from your trial. For example, if you upgrade to hosting plan after 5 days of your free trial by adding 60 days to your hosting, your installation will be active for another 85 days.

I already use my own EPESI - can I move it to your servers?

If you want to start EPESI hosting with your data migrated there, please contact us and we will take care of that. There is usually no trial time for the installations with imported data, but import is free of charge.

How do I start hosting?

To start hosting service with free trial, go to and fill the form there. Remember to put there an e-mail address that you have an access to and don’t intend to cancel in nearest future, as the installation will be linked to that address.

What personal information about customers is stored and/or accessed by Telaxus LLC?

Trial: The only information stored and accessed by Telaxus employees is e-mail address and hosting parameters (url, starting date, expiration date, etc.). No other information, including but not limited to credit card info, personal contact information, company information, data stored directly in EPESI, is being accessed, unless explicit assistance request is made by the administrator of this installation.
Full hosting: Since November 2012 upgrading to full hosting require registration and because of that we also store information entered in registration form, on the terms specified during registration process.

Do you keep my credit card info?

No, we don’t store any of your credit card information. When you fill the payment form and start to process payment, we send your credit card information to affiliate company that handles payments processing.

Do I need a credit card?

No credit card information is required to start free trial. The first time you may need a credit card is when you decide to make first payment. But you can also make payments via Pay Pal.

What are the prices?

The standard price for our hosting service is currently $30 for 30 days. If you pay for a longer period, you will get discounts. You can see the discounts available here.

How many records can I have in my installation?

There is no limit for number of records in an installation. However, it is restricted by the maximum database and disc space available for installation. These limits are described here.

How many users can I have in my installation?

The number of users per installation is unlimited.

How many installations can I have?

There is no limit of hosting installations a person can have. However, only one installation can be registered per one e-mail address. You also need to pay for every installation separately.

Why is it better than other hosting options?

Our hosting service means full compatibility with EPESI, competitive hosting parameters and the best and fastest troubleshooting. By choosing our service you also give direct support to EPESI team and ensure further development of this software.

What are the parameters of my hosting?

The parameters of hosting are as follow:
- unlimited epesi users,
- 100 MB database,
- 10 GB of disc space.
Your instance of EPESI will be hosted in secure Network Center, with redundant discs (RAID1), daily backup to another server and fast, redundant Internet connection (100 Mbps).

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