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Hosting Manual - Account management when inactive

When your hosting service is inactive (either trial or hosting plan expired), you can’t use your EPESI installation. But there is still possibility to manage it. If anyone enters your EPESI web address into browser, they will be directed to an inactive installation management page (below). From there a management e-mail can be requested. It will be sent to an e-mail address used when your hosting installation was created.

The hosting management e-mail (below) allows you to perform three actions, same as the ones available while hosting is active.

  1. Extending service. This link will direct you to payments management. Making a payment will activate your hosting service and your installation will be accessible to all its users. Click here to see how payment process looks like.
  2. Downloading data. This link will direct you to a download page, from where you can download all data stored in your EPESI. Click here (check point 3.) for instruction on how to proceed from download page.
  3. Removing installation. This link will direct you to installation removal page. You should be absolutely sure that you want to remove the installation before proceeding - this action is irreversible. Click here (check point 4.) to see the instruction for further steps.

Upgrading from trial to hosting plan
Unlocking full installation
Account and payments management
Account management when inactive

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