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Hosting Manual - Account and payments management

All essential management tools for your hosting installation can be accessed directly from EPESI. Dashboard applet displays most important data, e.g. an expiration date, and directs you to payment form. An administration hosting module contains all these as well as some additional tools. All hosting tools can be viewed and used only by users with super administrator access level.

Quick management - dashboard applet
Extending service - payments management
Full management - administrator module

Quick management - dashboard applet

The Hosting Management applet is a quick and easy hosting tool that can be used right away from your Dashboard. It is placed in the top-left corner by default. You can of course customize its position and even remove it - you can always get it back by configuring your Dashboard.

The applet is very simple and compact. It doesn’t take a lot of space and can be easily fit even on a crowded Dashboard.

  1. Basic info. Here you can find important information about your hosting service and its duration.
  2. Extend service. Clicking this button will get you to payments management, which is explained below.

Extending service - payments management

Payments management is used to extend the duration of your hosting service. You can do it at any time, even long before your hosting time is going to expire. You can access it from either the Hosting Management applet or administration module by clicking “Extend service” button.

  1. Service information. Here you will find some basic information about your service. Epesi address is the web address of installation that will be extended when you make the payment. Make sure that it is the one you want to pay for.
  2. Payment options. Here you can choose the duration of extension. Note that with longer durations come bigger discounts. Click the button with the chosen amount to proceed with the payment.

After clicking on one of the payment options you will be directed to payment form. We don’t store any of your credit card information entered here. The payment is handled by affiliate payment processing company.

  1. Payment info. Here you can find the web address of the installation that is about to be extended, the number of days you will extend your account by and the price that you are about to pay for them. Make sure that all these are correct.
  2. Credit card info. To these fields you should enter your credit card data. The fields with (*) are required ones. We don’t store any of the data entered here and they are used only once to process the payment.
  3. Action. If you entered all required data, click Process Payment to proceed. If you don’t want to make the payment, click Cancel to go to the payment option choosing screen again.

Full management - administrator module

All hosting tools available to super administrator can be accessed via administrator module. To get there choose Menu -> Administrator, which will direct you to administrator control panel, and then click Hosting Management.

  1. Service info. Here you can find basic data concerning the time for which the service is paid.
  2. Extend service. Click this if you want to extend the time of the service. It will direct you to payments management page
  3. Download data. Click this button if you want to export a copy of data from your hosting installation. You will be directed to the download page (below).

    While on that page, click the link “Initiate data download”. This action will result in an e-mail sent to you, with further instructions (on the picture below). The exact look of this e-mail may vary depending on the e-mail client you are using. Click the link shown on the picture to start downloading your data.

  4. Delete installation. This tool can be used to completely remove your installation from our servers and to end the hosting service. Keep in mind that no refunds will be made for the time of the service you haven’t used. Also note that deleting is irreversible and all the data will be erased. If you are sure about deleting the installation, click this button. It will direct you to a webpage displayed below.

Click the link there to start removal procedure. There will be an e-mail sent to you with further instructions (on the picture below). The exact look of this e-mail may vary depending on the e-mail client you are using. Clicking the link shown here will permanently delete your EPESI and all data.

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Unlocking full installation
Account and payments management
Account management when inactive

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