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EPESI cloud manual

We try to keep management of EPESI cloud account as easy as possible. You should have no trouble with accessing information about your account status, downloading your data and making payments. We prepared series of articles in a form of small manual that will guide you through all possible scenarios.

Keep in mind that only users with super administrator clearance can access and manage hosting account.

The first thing you may want to do with your trial account is upgrading it. The procedure is simple - just register your installation and make the first payment in the chosen hosting plan.

Upgrading from trial to EPESI cloud plan

After upgrading your account to EPESI cloud plan, you need to unlock your installation in order to enjoy all the benefits. You can do it just after upgrading with one click or you can schedule it for a bit later. We decided to separate upgrading and unlocking because unlocking procedure renders EPESI inaccessible for a very short amount of time.

Unlocking full installation

There is a special dashboard applet prepared for management of EPESI cloud account as well as full administration app. You can use these for making and checking your payments, downloading data (though it’s not necessary - we provide automatic backups with our service) and more.

Account and payments management

If your trial or EPESI cloud plan has ended and you haven’t renewed it yet, you can’t access your EPESI, but you still can manage it - access your data or make new payments to activate the account. This is handled via e-mails that are sent to the e-mail address entered during registration.

Account management when inactive

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