Hosting Plans

After 30 day trial, if you like our hosting service, you will have to choose the hosting plan most suited for your needs. At the moment our offer is limited to one promotional option, but it will be expanded very soon. 

Promotional hosting plan

Special "early days" promotion of EPESI hosting service - full hosting plan for only:

CostPeriodMonthly cost
$30 USDmonth$30 USD
$360 USDyear$25.50 USD

with these parameters*:

  • unlimited epesi users,
  • 100 MB database,
  • 10 GB of disc space,
  • connection encrypted with HTTPS (SSL)

Your instance of EPESI will be hosted in [b]secure Network Center[/b], with:

  • redundant discs (RAID1 - disks are mirrored),
  • daily backup to another server
  • fast, redundant Internet connection (100 Mbps).
  • standby power system
  • energy efficient direct free cooling
  • under-floor air conditioning
  • monitoring of air temperature and server/distribution cabinets
  • modern early warning fire system with direct connection to the local fire department
  • special door locking systems
  • electronic access control system

  • * All parameters and prices mentioned here are part of our hosting promotion which lasts till the end of March 2013. These parameters and prices will remain valid for all the purchases made during the promotion.