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Hosting Manual - Unlocking full instalation

Unlocking full potential of your hosting service takes just a few minutes, but allows you to fully enjoy all the benefits of hosting plan. It is not automatically done after upgrading because it makes installation inaccessible for a very short period of time. It takes only two easy steps.

Step 1 - access unlocking page
Step 2 - unlock installation

Step 1 - access unlocking page

First step is to access unlocking page. You can do it in three ways. First one is available just after upgrade, the two others are available all the time.

  1. First way to access unlock page is to click the “Unlock installation” link on the page informing about successful upgrade. The page is displayed just after the upgrade and can be accessed later. If you closed it without unlocking installation, you can still use the other two ways.

  2. Unlock page can be also accessed by clicking Unlock button on Hosting Management applet. This applet can be found on your Dashboard. If you don’t have this applet there, you can always add it in Dashboard Config.

  3. You can also find Unlock button in Hosting Management administrator module. You can access this module via Menu -> Administrator -> Hosting Management.

Step 2 - unlock installation

The unlock page is very simple and contains only one link. Clicking it will start unlocking process, so make sure nobody is in need of Epesi at that moment.

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