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Hosting Manual - Upgrading trial to hosting plan

Upgrading your installation from trial to hosting plan is simple - all you have to do is registering and making first payment for hosting. You can do this at any time of your trial - you will still be able to use all the days that have left from your free trial. You can also upgrade your installation after your free trial has expired - you have 30 days for that.

To register your installation, click Register button in either hosting management applet (on Dashboard) or module (Menu -> Administrator -> Hosting Management)

To make a payment, follow instructions below:

Step 1 - access payment management
Step 2 - choose your payment option
Step 3 - make the payment

Step 1 - access payment management

First thing to do is to access the payments management page. Depending on the status of your trial you can do it either by applet, administrator panel (when your trial is still active) or by e-mail (when your trial has expired).

First option is to click Extend service button on Hosting Management applet on Dashboard.

Second option: go to Menu -> Administrator and choose Hosting Management.

Then click Extend service button.

The third option shall be used if your trial is already inactive. When you try to enter your Epesi installation, you will see a page informing about your trial expiration. Click on the link there to receive a hosting management e-mail. The e-mail will be sent to an e-mail address used when your hosting installation was created.

In the e-mail you will find several links that allow you to manage your epesi installation. In order to access payments management choose the link that lets you extend the service. (Note: the exact look of the e-mail may vary depending on the e-mail client you are using.)

Step 2 - choose your payment option

After accessing payment management, choose your payment option - number of days you want to pay for. The more days you choose the less the price per day is. Click on the chosen option to proceed

Step 3 - make the payment

The last step is making the payment. To do this, make 3 simple actions as explained below.

  1. Check if the data here are correct - that you are about to pay the chosen amount for the right installation.
  2. Enter your credit card data.
  3. Click Process Payment button.

This is the whole process - 3 easy steps. After upgrading don’t forget to also unlock your installation - it’s even simpler and allows you to fully enjoy all hosting plan benefits.

Upgrading from trial to hosting plan
Unlocking full installation
Account and payments management
Account management when inactive

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