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EPESI Cloud and Free Trial

As a IT company we provide hosting services dedicated especially for EPESI system - our EPESI Cloud. Start Free Trial now!

The recommended option (fast and easy, no IT knowledge required) to start using EPESI is choosing Cloud edition.
We will host your data in a secure computer center, with redundant disks, backups and fast and reliable Internet connection.

Start EPESI Cloud! Our EPESI Cloud starts with 30-day free trial period, so you don't have to decide right now, but try it first.
After or during the trial you can upgrade your hosting account to full hosting plan. If you decide not to continue using our service, you will be able to download the data stored in your EPESI.

Parameters of our EPESI Cloud:

EPESI hosting

  • fast and scalable cloud
  • North American and European data centers
  • 3 TBPS world class network
  • latest generation hardware
  • super fast SSD RAID disks
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring
  • fully managed
  • optimized for EPESI CRM
  • The parameters will remain valid till the end of 2016.

    Start using EPESI Cloud now with 30-day free trial!*

    *No credit card nor other forms of payment required!

    Only EPESI system allows using unlimited number of users all the time!

    EPESI Cloud edition plans

    After 30 day trial, if our service is satisfactory, you can choose the plan most suited for your needs. At the moment we offer 3 promotional options.

    Promotional EPESI Cloud plan:

    Billing cycle Regular price Savings Price after discount
    1 month 30.00 USD - -
    3 months
    90.00 USD
    5 %
    (4.50 USD)
    85.50 USD
    6 months
    180.00 USD
    10 %
    (18.00 USD)
    162.00 USD
    12 months
    360.00 USD
    15 %
    (54.00 USD)*
    306.00 USD*

    * most affordable choice (average costs per month - only 25.50 USD)

    All prices mentioned above are part of our promotion which lasts till the end of December 2016. These prices will remain valid for all the purchases made during the promotion.

    All EPESI Cloud edition plans are prepaid.

    Start EPESI Cloud with 30-day free trial!

    EPESI Cloud FAQ

    You can read more about our service in EPESI Cloud FAQ section. We answer there popular questions, concerning hosting plans, using our service, payments, privacy, your data, expiration and removal (if you don’t find the answers you need there, please contact us). Read more…

    EPESI Cloud Manual

    We also prepared manual section that deals with common actions done during using our service, like upgrading it from trial, payments and management of inactive account.
    Read more…

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