Live Demo

The easiest way to test EPESI is to try our Demo. It is an online installation of standard version of our software. You can log in there as either a regular employee or an administrator and find out how EPESI looks, works and feels like. It is regularly cleaned and populated with example data set.

You can access our Demo by clicking here: Live Demo


The data on Demo installation is regularly wiped, so make sure not to store any important information there. If you want to test EPESI and keep the data, we recommend 30 day trial of our hosting - click here to learn more.

Nightly build Demo

There is also another Demo available, with both developers and users in mind, that allows you to see the progress in our current work. It is refreshed everyday to reflect the most recent changes we coded into EPESI, changes that will be available in the next release. We really appreciate all the feedback and bug reports - please use our forum to share your thoughts on our work in progress.

You can access our Demo by clicking here: Nightly build Demo