Description of modules in EPESI


EPESI modules are an easy way of extending the CRM with additional functionality. Think of modules as building blocks - you can stack them - one on top of another - to create different shapes. The same way with EPESI and included modules you can create web application with different functionality. It is a way to customize EPESI for different purposes. For example, we have modules for construction companies, employment agencies, software developers and many more.

You can obtain many modules from our EPESI Store, which you can access directly from your EPESI installation. With our offer we try to reflect the various needs of different kinds of businesses. All our solutions are based on real companies and their workflow, which guarantees that our modules are well suited for business practice. You are of course not limited to our modules - EPESI makes it easy to create and include new extensions and any software developer will be able to make them.

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