Latest version of EPESI

Version 1.6.5 of EPESI system has been released. It is ready to download.

We can announce that version 1.6.5 of EPESI CRM has been already released.
You can downloaded it from here.

Epesi dashboard

New changes and fixes comparing to previous (1.6.4) version are as follows:

  • Fix lightbox prompt id collision
  • Fix timestamp field layout
  • Fix print templates enabling
  • Fix printouts caching by browser
  • Fix JS errors related to form focus
  • Fix autoloader to use absolute path fixes Roundcube issues
  • Fix calendar event span issues
  • Rename Roundcube’s archive folders to not use EPESI word
  • Clear xcache on module update/install and themeup
  • Create function to return default CRM priority and use it for defaults
  • Fix RB patches order for update from older versions
  • Add method to filter blocked fields from record array (Dev)
  • Fix events permission issues in Activities addon and calendar
  • Update TCPDF fonts fixes Chrome blank printout issue
  • Clear global cache on themeup
  • Fix order by currency field
  • Fix filters for currency field on PostgreSQL
  • Update CKEditor to version 4.4.7
  • Fix memcache session locking issues
  • Fix RB crits issue with empty multiselect rule

You can read more about previous versions and significant improvements on our page on Github.