Latest version of EPESI

New version 1.7.1 of EPESI is ready to download. Accounts on Epesi Cloud are to be updated automatically.

We would like to announce that version 1.7.1 of EPESI system has been already released.
You can download it from here.

Epesi dashboard

Below you can see major changes in comparison to previous versions.

Important changes.

  • Fix agenda sort order
  • Fix quick search - save categories selection
  • Add japanese, chinese and korean font support to PDF printing
  • Add activity report for each user as addon
  • Fix access restrictions in RB queries using nested queries
  • Remove update EPESI from /admin - replaced with update.php
  • Update Roundcube to 1.1.4

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fix RB browse search logic - search for all words in record
  • Fix sales opportunity and related notes integration
  • SQL_TIMES - show caller in debug (georgehristov)
  • Fix update.php argv handling
  • Fix donate links, credits page, year in scripts
  • Remove unused modules and code
  • Fix code in RB search to use merge_crits
  • Change mail applet refresh rate
  • Fix client IP address recognition in autologin feature
  • Update autologin feature - clean unused tokens, rolling token
  • Fix file cache implementation
  • Improve update.php script to skip some versions and create backups
  • Fix Currency field issues with empty value
  • New - pass RB table name as param to display callbacks (Dev)
  • Adapt some code to PHP 7
  • Fix rb search indexes patch - add checkpoints
  • Fix attachments - do not store edited_on changes in history entries
  • Fix timeless task switch for am/pm clock
  • Fix and improve switch_to_addon in RB and TabbedBrowser
  • Improve notes watchdog notification message - link to parent record
  • Fix automulti field freeze
  • Enable custom label for attachment addon (Dev)
  • Fix Query Builder integration - translation methods
  • Fix user param for user settings save method
  • Fix hide/show filters behavior
  • Fix cache key for building queries - include tab alias
  • Add method to RB - get_record_vals (Dev) (georgehristov)
  • Fix crits to words - better translations and support all operators
  • Fix currency value parser - parse negative values
  • Update PHPMailer to 5.2
  • Allow to use self signed certificates for mail server settings
  • Fix frozen autoselect field value
  • Fix words map patch - check if indexes exist, truncate large index
  • Remove update EPESI from /admin
  • Add currency filter to currencies field (Dev)
  • Fix collation for all tables in mysql database
  • Fix RB subqueries performance issues
  • Fix column width persistence in addons
  • Fix confirmLeave feature for with recordpicker opened
  • Fix cloned values in processing callback
  • Fix recordpicker’s record label
  • Improve query builder date filters
  • Fix filtering by user id in recordbrowser permissions
  • Fix decimal point issues in currency field
  • New feature - code to auto hide some fields depending on the other value (georgehristov)
  • Fix RB crits for negation in multiselects
  • Add generic method to created linked field value (georgehristov)
  • Fix birthdays applet
  • Fix RB navigation issues
  • Fix column widths saving in GB (georgehristov)
  • Update translations

More information about previous versions and significant improvements (with complete change logs) is available on our page on Github.

EPESI installations hosted on our Cloud are to be updated automatically for free. If you need more information about our EPESI CLOUD (dedicated hosting) and FREE TRIAL read here.