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Buy EMPLOYEES VACATION MANAGEMENT Premium Module and save 25%! Start managing your crew holidays and free time easily and effectively!

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Summer Sale 2016 - discount 25%

Q: Do you want to know when your employees have planned their vacations or days off? Do you need to plan and/or control free time of the crew of your organization? Do you have to stay in touch with colleagues from your team and you don’t remember when they will be available or back in the office? Are you afraid of unplanned absence or lack of human resources in your team?
A: Solve the problem using EMPLOYEES VACATION MANAGEMENT Premium Module and keep necessary information about vacation, holidays, days off and free time of all employees and coworkers in Calendar of your EPESI! Manage those events easily within couple clicks of your mouse! Thanks to this module you can easily reorganize the work time of human resources in your enterprise and keep working without unnecessary downtime.

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The above Sale promotion is valid only until August 31st, 2016!  
Promotion can not be combined with other promotional discounts!  
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