Latest version of EPESI

New version 1.8.0 of EPESI has been released. Lots of fixes have been implemented for better efficiency and usability.

We would like to announce that version 1.8.0 of EPESI system has been already released and it can be downloaded from here.

Epesi - ver. 1.8.0

Read the list below to see changes in comparison to previous versions.

Important changes

  • Allow to add help text to each field in RB
  • Allow to sort by calculated field when references sort column
  • Disable modules when files are not available
  • Improve commondata ordering (georgehristov)
  • Add note password hint
  • RB js indexer - change run interval
  • Fix RB record picker code issues (georgehristov)
  • PHPMailer - do not use auto tls
  • Replace deprecated mysql driver with mysqli
  • Rewrite edit_history.js to jquery (georgehristov)
  • Fix autosuggestbox - github issue #82
  • Fix attachments get unlink error
  • Fix crits validation in PHP
  • Fix watchdog’s subscriber list - do not show contacts without access
  • Cleanup watchdog notifications
  • Add custom access callbacks to RB (Dev)
  • Fix notes access check in search results with rb custom access callback
  • Fix uncompress errors from database
  • Fix not like rule handling made from js query builder
  • Allow to search with nested selects using like operator
  • Fix rb search and permission issues
  • Fix new record rules check and show better message about issues
  • Fix automulti suggestbox - better search for records
  • Fix CSV export memory limit issues
  • Disallow php code as callbacks by default
  • Fix chained select contacts sort
  • Fix special values replacement in crits
  • Fix JS Query Builder integration - proper queries for multiple values
  • New global search engine
  • Fix file uploads - remove temporary files
  • Fix default dashboard - use default settings when user is not allowed to edit dashboard
  • Add option to use EPESI as email handling application in browsers
  • Add custom field template (georgehristov)
  • Improvements in Utils/Tooltip and LeightboxPrompt (georgehristov)
  • Fix Roundcube’s addressbook permissions to contacts/companies
  • Update Roundcube version to ver. 1.2.1
  • Unify contact or company field type with standard multiselect field
  • Add separate RB/Filters module (georgehristov)
  • Add separate display callback methods (georgehristov)
  • Filter by favorite, subscribed and recent in JS Query Builder
  • Add user version of JS Query Builder - respecting permissions
  • Add option to search by date fields with datepicker
  • Several other minor improvements and fixes

More information about previous versions and significant improvements (with complete change logs) is available on our page on Github.

EPESI installations hosted on our Cloud can be updated manually by each user/administrator for free. If you have EPESI in version 1.7.0 or higher then navigate to your_epesi/update.php and follow instructions to update your EPESI system. For more information about our EPESI CLOUD (dedicated hosting) and FREE TRIAL click here.