Latest version of EPESI

New version 1.8.2 of EPESI has been released. Lots of fixes have been implemented for better efficiency and usability.

We would like to announce that version 1.8.2 of EPESI system has been already released and it can be downloaded from here.

Read the list below to see changes in comparison to previous versions.


  • File field available in RB
  • Files panel for administrator
  • Codeception for unit testing (Dev)
  • Psy shell (Dev)
  • Console command to create patch (Dev)


  • Allow attachments to be encrypted using openssl if mcrypt not installed (Dev)
  • Notice for non well formated numeric values on php >= 7.0 (Dev)
  • Using $this in non object on php >= 7.0 (Dev)
  • Block cross-origin framing (Dev)
  • Watchdog notify employees about phone calls
  • Date display for empty value
  • RB filter issue after refresh (Dev)
  • Block the view of the record during add
  • Issue with crits validation
  • Update composer.json to work on windows (Dev)
  • Checking add crits - restore original behavior
  • Update get_element_by_array callback type - call with reference as argument (Dev)
  • JS currency calculation method - issue occured when value was smaller than 0.1
  • Update watchdog record access
  • Update update_access - ignore ‘grant’ and ‘restrict’ ids - throw exception on non numeric id (Dev)
  • Extend login audit hostname col length
  • Description fields to allow use comma in quoted string
  • Check if method exists in update.php script - for older versions of epesi (Dev)
  • Renaming fields without DB entries (georgehristov)
  • Add possibility to open multiple roundcube accounts
  • Logged out user was still in the whoisonline applet
  • Set default cache ttl to 24h (Dev)
  • Quickjump feature (Dev)
  • Improve RB search code (Dev)
  • Commondata crits - return empty set if records not matched
  • Set tray filters with fixed RB method
  • Allow to override saved filter values
  • Quickform row/column display templates
  • Module create command - add version method to install (Dev)
  • Session locking issue (Dev)
  • Do not require linked fields in RBO select field (Dev)
  • Module uninstall console command - fix messages (Dev)
  • Display users online count (georgehristov)
  • Next CSV export modification based on AJB comments (praski)
  • Crits validation - add preg_quote
  • Display callbacks with PHP code not working (Dev)
  • QFfield callback with PHP code embedded calling (Dev)
  • Issue with bbcode when callback is not callable (Dev)
  • Issue with calendar when module with event handler has been disabled
  • Set order of watchdog notifications


  • Filestorage and db structure has been refactored (Dev)
  • Fileupload has been refactored - added Dropzone (Dev)
  • Attachments patch for new filestorage (Dev)
  • Update PHPExcel library (Dev)
  • Remove json encode/decode service lib (Dev)
  • Enable for custom field_id different than field name (georgehristov)
  • Use custom class to detect if field is auto-hidden (georgehristov)
  • Enable for custom icons not related to the parent module
  • Allow to use like special characters in commondata crits (Dev)
  • Establish get_mime_type as static method (georgehristov)
  • Introduce the “more” option to linked_label and linked_text (georgehristov)
  • Improve field access selection (georgehristov)
  • Load all similar tooltips at the same time (georgehristov)
  • Change method of tooltip_id generation (georgehristov)


Since adding the new file field to RB utils_filestorage and utils_fileupload have been heavily refactored . Any module that has been using them might have to write a patch to work with this update. I.e. Utils_FilestorageCommon::meta accepts the id from the new utils_filestorage table.

More information about previous versions and significant improvements (with complete change logs) is available on our page on Github.

EPESI installations hosted on our Cloud can be updated manually by each user/administrator for free. If you have EPESI in version 1.7.0 or higher then navigate to your_epesi/update.php and follow instructions to update your EPESI system. For more information about our EPESI CLOUD (dedicated hosting) and FREE TRIAL click here.