PHP Framework

EPESI Framework is an advanced CRUD engine written on top of AdoDB database abstraction layer with many other functions and libraries built-in. It uses PHP, SQL, Javascript (Ajax), HTML5 and CSS3. It is free and open source (MIT licence). It is distributed in one package with a CRM that gives you even better headstart for creating web-based applications. See documentation...

Key features:

CRUD engine - Record Browser, with many functions:

  • pagination
  • search
  • filters (by field)
  • edit history
  • dirty read
  • lazy delete
  • validation
  • relations
  • AJAX autocomplete
  • access level control down to a field level
  • automatic limit queries
  • record cloning
  • custom pre and post processing on record save and update
  • watchdog - changes tracking
  • favorites and recent

  • Login and user management
  • Leightboxes
  • HTML Forms - based on Quickform
  • Libraries: adodb, prototype,, smarty, ckeditor, tcpdf
  • Configurable themes based on smarty, CSS3
  • Date/time picker
  • Callbacks
  • File upload - through notes and attachments
  • Localization, time zones, different currencies
  • Modular design
  • Support via forum!