How to get help with EPESI CRM and other IT solutions

Premium Technical Support

Paid options of support

Subscribers of Premium Technical Support will receive help from EPESI Team consisting of experienced network engineers and EPESI developers via any of the following tools:


  • communication via: e-mail, telephone, Skype;
  • remote computer access via: SSH, FTP, Remote Desktop (RDP), LogMeIn, TeamViewer;
  • other means as needed.
  • You can choose between two types of premium support:

    1. With Fixed Fee
    2. Based on Credits

    If you are interested in any of these two kinds or if you are interested in Enterprise Premium option of EPESI CRM, please Contact us.

    Note: all types of premium support are prepaid options.

    1. Fixed Fee

    This option is suggested for enterprises and organizations that need complex implementations of EPESI CRM after detailed analysis of customer’s business processes.

    The total price of service (fixed fee) depends on the scope of work and can be given only after submitting detailed requirements from each customer. Each time the scope of work and total price is being approved by customer.

    2. Credits

    This option is recommended for frequent support or solving small IT problems in every company.

    The basic rate of payment is 120 USD per hour of effective work.
    The more hours you buy the higher discount you will get.
      Support packages (hours)  Cost of package     Cost per hour     Discount   

    We accept payments with credit card, wire transfers or Bitcoins. Contact us for details. To purchase Premium Support immediately please use the following option:

    Choose support package:

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