Version 1.4.1

A new version - EPESI 1.4.1 (rev. 10013) was released on November 14, 2012!

This version is considered a minor update - it contains mostly various fixes and small improvements to version 1.4.0. Still, it is highly recommended that you update your installation of EPESI to this version.


  • ESS client module: JavaScript issue fixed
  • RB Permissions: permissions for export/print feature now work correctly
  • Record Browser: an option that allows disabling of pagination added
  • Contacts: failsafe added
  • Watchdog: unnecessary option for applet removed
  • TCPDF: config issue fixed
  • Record Browser: field edit issue fixed
  • CSV Export: currencies now are correctly exported
  • Regional Settings: encoding for Windows and format detection fixed
  • Translations: a few labels added
  • Object wrapper for RB: record performance improved
  • Common cache disabled by default
  • Compatibility with selected PHP versions improved
  • Dashboard: horizontal scrollbar problem resolved
  • EPESI Store: re-download of modules enabled
  • RecordBrowser: recent entry code optimized