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Default home page, which can be freely configured by the user by adding individual applets.


Displays new activity from your collaborators. Thanks to it "you know that he doesn't know that you already know".


Perspective of the day, week, month and year, as well as Agenda with which you will see selected tasks or meetings.


With Roundcube's IMAP email client, you archive emails under the contacts or companies involved.


Organize a list of companies cooperating with you - finally all necessary information in one place!


Assigned to companies, collect history of exchanged e-mails, notes, activity history or related projects.


Assign involved people, set their permissions, status, priority, frequency, emails, or notes.


Schedule them for yourself or employees, set the day and time, status, addressee, priority, and who can view the record.


Gathering the necessary description, deadline, assign responsible employee, status, priority and authority.

Notes & Files

The archiving system allows you to attach notes and files to each module, so your documentation remains transparent.


Express and unique filling of contact and company forms. Scanned words become selectable buttons.


Collects and sorts requests with statuses: new, open, in progress, pending, resolved, closed.


Allows you to track working time, sales opportunities of a particular person or the entire activity of an employee.


Internal mini chat. You can correspond with one person, a group or all users.

Advanced permission system

Secure access with a transparent structure of permission levels.

Quick Access

Thanks to configurable shortcuts, you can adjust the whole system (e.g. perspective or order of tools) to the user.

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