Business Information Manager

Complete solution for SMB businesses

Epesi BIM is a fully functional web CRM application to store, organize, access and share business records.
Manage your data precisely, flexibly and easily, simplifying internal communication and making work-flow more efficient.
With sophisticated permission system and full record audit you will be in control of business critical information.

Epesi Business Information Manager is available for free released under MIT license.

Epesi BIM is distributed as complete, ready to use application with default set of modules giving the end user CRM like functionality. On top of this Epesi BIM starter kit ERP level applications can be easily built with very little effort and at a very low cost compared with commercial packages. Epesi BIM is being developed since 2007 by Janusz Tylek. It is used by thousands of businesses around the world, with over 6000 businesses registered their licenses with us. Because of its popularity it has been translated into many languages. It can be downloaded under Business & Enterprise / Enterprise / CRM section from SourceForge

EPESI is a result of many years of experience working with SMB businesses. It is a completely web based application designed for small and medium-sized enterprises trying to optimize business processes, simplify office work and reduce administrative costs. It does not require any client to be installed - any modern browser on any operating system will work - drastically reducing the deployment cost.

Epesi is a cross-platform open source web application running on top of LAMP stack on all operating systems including Raspberry Pi.

It is small, fast and can easily handle millions of records and hundreds of users. Epesi BIM is developed with a custom written framework called "Epesi", which allows a rapid application development as it handles many tedious background tasks. Epesi has a modular architecture and adding new functionality is as simple as installing new module by clicking in the integrated Epesi Store, or by writing your own, custom code using just few lines of code. Epesi provides a great starting point for a full blown ERP system.

Why use Epesi?

Ready to use - turnkey system Free and open-source
Holacratic teamwork philosophy E-mail archiving solution
Business continuity strategy Full history and login audit
Modular architecture - Scalable solution No per-user fees
Secure and Intuitive No vendor lock-in
Accessibility Advanced permissions system
Move your business to the cloud
Our software can make your organization more efficient, better organized and more competitive. We can help you simplify and automate internal procedures with management of important business information.


Automatic Setup:

If you already have a hosting plan with cPanel then use Autoinstall via Softaculous Video tutorial on how to install epesi using Softaculous autoinstaller via cPanel: youtube.com

DIY - Do It Yourself manual methods:

For experienced users and server administrators: It requires properly configured HTTP server with PHP (ver 7.x) and MySQL/MariaDB database server - so called LAMP stack:

See how quickly a working web application can be created in Epesi BIM by following the Developer’s Tutorial and reviewing "Hello World" module.