Get started

There are two ways to get started with Epesi BIM:

  • Epesi Cloud-hosted : You can get preinstalled Epesi BIM on a dedicated cloud platform Epesi Cloud, managed and fine tuned by Epesi DevOps Team. This is the easiest and the fastest way to get started.
  • Self-hosted : You can install Epesi BIM on your own server or cloud platform. This gives you the most control over your data and configuration, but it also requires more technical expertise.

Epesi offers a free 90-day trial of Epesi Cloud hosting service.

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Epesi Cloud-hosted installation

This version requires opening an account on the Epesi Cloud platform. Epesi will be installed automatically, so you can have fully functioning CRM system with literally a few clicks and in less than a minute.

We do for you installation, maintenance, regular updates, backup, monitoring and much more.

Epesi SaaS on our private cloud

For busy professionals and less experienced users we recommend Epesi as SaaS. The fastest and easiest way to enjoy Epesi.

Our SaaS offers Alternative Cloud, because we are not a volume hosting provider as well as Alternative Billing as there is no per user fee. Epesi Cloud is our own private alternative cloud fully configured and fine tuned to run LAMP stack applications and especially Epesi.

Our offer is affordable, comparing speed performance of our servers and other hosting offers on the market. Some of our clients move to Epesi Cloud just for speed reasons.


  • No set up by your part
  • No installation costs
  • No maintenance cost
  • Fully maintained cloud
  • Run immediately

Get 90-day trial of Epesi Cloud

Self-hosted installation

This version requires your equipment or hosting and your future maintenance with possible commercial support. Some of our clients have simultaneously our Epesi Cloud hosting and local server that run Epesi.

We also offer Premium Support for those having Epesi installed on-premise.

Epesi is a cloud agnostic software, you can choose Epesi on-premise or DIY installation.

See video tutorial: How to run free Epesi CRM on Windows?

Epesi on-premise

To install Epesi BIM on your own server or cloud platform, you will:

Sourceforge hosted our Epesi software since 2007, long before GitHub was available. Epesi was downloaded over 138 thousands times and received Open Source excellence award in Business & Enterprise CRM & ERP category by Sourceforge.

Visit Epesi on Sourceforge


  • Cloud agnostic
  • No vendor lock in
  • No set up by your part
  • Only one-time set up payment
  • Possible commercial support
  • Run on your own equipment

Visit detailed Setup Guide

Epesi DIY (Do It Yourself)

Those who don't need any help with installation or maintenance, can enjoy Epesi CRM completely free of charge.
For details how to perform DIY installation visit our documentation site.

Visit detailed Setup Guide