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Monitor work hours records of your employees, their tasks and calculate their salaries. This is a key tool to coordinate and avoid inefficient work.


Management and monitoring expences: vendor, category, reference number, amount, automatically calculated tax or notes are assigned to the record. The module is included in the set Accounting Bundle.


Managing and monitoring invoices. To the record is assigned contractor, reference number, notes, automatically calculated cost of individual items and tax. Module included in the Accounting Bundle.

Payment Proccessing

Select payment method (cash, check, credit card, other) and online process payments through cards and agents like PayPal. Module included in the Accounting suite.


Managing  business contracts information with summary of contract prices - assumption, profits - raport and advanced filters. It require Accounting Bundle, Assets, Vehicles.


Maintains lists of company equipment. To the equipment you can assign reports of their repairs with attached expenses, working time and notes.


Stores the company's vehicles and manages the list of "business trips" with mileage, destination (from-to), assigned drivers, date, distance and trip cost. An extension to the Assets module.

Employees Vacation

Setting, managing and monitoring holidays of each employee in Epesi Calendar. It has Periods Views, easily adding events, changing timetable terms with drag and drop.

List Manager

Manage contact lists when you send out letters, faxes, e-mails or make phone calls to a group of contacts. Includes history of all actions related to the list.

E-mail Campaign Manager

Managing mass and editable mailing lists.Monitors the number of read e-mails and responses. It also enables the customer to subscribe or unsubscribe option

Freeconet Dialer 

Another VOIP plugin, connecting Epesi with the Freeconet system, allows calls from individual contact table in Epesi.

Custom Print Templates

Edit document templates for printing. You need a basic knowledge of HTML to use this module most effectively.

Contact Skills

Maintains information about additional skills in the Contacts module. Useful for employment agencies or contractors.

Knowledge Base

Storing notes, or company knowledge, in a tree structure. As the administrator, you decide who and  what see this information and you can protect it with a password.

Data Import

Migrate data from CSV or Excel format files to any Epesi record, e.g. Contacts, Companies, Phone, Sentences, Meetings, etc.
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White Label

Personalize your Epesi with your own branding name on the login page and main panel, and replace the word "Epesi" with your name everywhere.

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