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Developer: Georgi Hristov
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Integrated Maritime CRM · ERP system streamlining company and ship workflow
  • Powered by epesi - a modern enterprise proven framework designed for rapid, flexible and scalable CRM/ERP development
  • Cloud based - office system is accessible from all over the world and the ship system is available in ship's network using just a browser
  • Data exchange with vessel systems - one system fits all approach - same software running on board as well as in the office
  • Advanced access permissions system - suitable to setup for multiple offices, variety of employee roles and partner company access
  • Dashboards - user specific overview of most important information from each module
  • User responsibility - module that ensures data is handled with pin-point precision
  • Tray - module that implements company-specific workflow design intuitively
  • Watchdog - automated push notification system
  • Perspective - allows for switching user perspective for seamless workflow during office absences
  • Integration - allows data import / exchange from external files and software (accounting, etc.)
  • Wide range of maritime specific modules

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Integrated Maritime CRM · ERP Demo

If you are interested in trying the Integrated Maritime CRM · ERP system, please contact the developer directly.

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