The World's First Truly Open Source ENS

Epesi ENS = Enterprise Network System is a cloud native Information Technology ecosystem powered by Epesi BIM application running on top of ubiquitous LAMP stack. Epesi is used to build CRM and ERP solutions to store, organize, access and share structured business records. With Epesi you will manage your data precisely, flexibly and easily, simplifying internal communication and making work-flow more efficient. Epesi has been designed as a Kickstarter project and provides "no code" and "low code" environment for PHP developers, IT Managers, startups and DIY tech savvy professionals like you.


Epesi was translated by user community into 40 languages and received SourceForge Open Source Excellence Award.

Celebrate Epesi's 15th Anniversary!

Epesi gave you Free & Open Source CRM. Now you can get Epesi FreeCloud forever to run it.
Epesi free PAAS is designed for Non-profit foundations, Github developers and LinkedIn members including Business owners, StartUps and Epesi Academy Interns. Packages details are available here.

RasPiEsi Mail Archive Solution