Why another CRM?

If you landed on this page it means that you are looking for a solution to some very common business and organizational problems:

  • Do you "share" documents by sending them as e-mail attachments?
  • Do you need a global, company wide shared address book of your customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, etc.?
  • Does your company need a shared calendar?
  • Do you want to improve efficiency of your organization and find any information quickly and easily?
  • Are you tired of countless spreadsheets, reports and too many applications deployed in your business?

We were tired of this too. We looked at number of applications - desktop and web based - and none of them were good enough. This is why we created EPESI!

EPESI is a web-based application for businesses that allows you to manage your data efficiently, flexibly and easily. Its base consists of a CRM solution built on top of a high level, fast and light PHP framework - called EPESI - that we created for this purpose. Thanks to its modular design it can be expanded with multiple extensions (modules), designed for different types of businesses. Think of them as building blocks - you can build any shape you want to fit your business requirements. You can do it via modules that can be installed with few clicks from within EPESI Store. You will find there free and paid modules and all of them were build by us to satisfy some particular business needs. Inventory management system and integrated e-commerce, e-mail campaign manager, a set of medical modules to keep track of vital signs, allergies, medications, hospitalization, etc. The cost to develop such a solution on your own would be in tens of thousands of dollars. In fact the cost to develop EPESI is estimated at around $8 mln USD and we give it away for FREE and even open sourced it under extremely simple MIT license.


Besides coding that went into EPESI since June of 2006 it also includes ideas about how to solve common business processes problems encountered at roughly 400 real businesses and organization in Philadelphia, USA area over 10 years period. Initially, to solve a particular problem, we were writing an application from scratch, every time. But about 80% of business administrative functions are the same - in medical office and library and law firm and construction company or even school. For example you need a directory of people and businesses you are dealing with, or a calendar and to do list. To get you started we included these features in EPESI CRM package and they are free as well.

In EPESI Store you can purchase commercial applications - consisting of a set of modules - already tested in real life, for a very small fraction of the cost to develop it. You also acquire knowledge of an efficient business process and you can still customize it to fit your needs if you want.


This is the philosophy behind EPESI: do not reinvent the wheel

Since it is a web based application it is installed on a web server. You don't need to install anything on office workstations. In fact you can access it from your office or home computer or any public computer with a modern browser and an Internet connection. It works on any operating system and any browser. We develop it and test on Windows, OS X, Linux and Chrome, Frirefox, Safari and Opera and even Internet Explorer.

Once setup you can immediately start organizing your business creating contacts, calendar events, recording and assigning tasks, storing notes and attaching files. Each record can store unlimited number of notes and attachments of any file format. How good is information if you keep it on a piece of paper in a folder in some drawer of a file cabinet in your office? Or maybe it is saved on some shared drive of your office server but you need to "dial-in" and download it first?

Of course you can ask one of your co-workers to e-mail you this file. Unfortunately this is what most businesses still do. This "e-mail file sharing" technique just clogs mail servers and your mailbox with multiple copies of the same large file attachments. How inefficient! This plus your daily dose of SPAM and e-mail reminders from your co-workers about tasks and meetings - all of it constantly streaming into your mailbox - makes the situation unmanageable.

E-mail is dead. Move your business to the next level! We made it easy and very cost effective - EPESI is FREE!

Imagine that you will rarely need to send an e-mail to your co-worker recording instead all tasks and notes in EPESI. Our exclusive Watchdog will inform you immediately about any changes - new note added, a task has been completed, a sale was closed. Set and forget it - EPESI will inform you about what you need to know and when you need to know. Subscribe to information that you want to track with a click of a button. No personal assistant can do that.

Janusz Tylek
Posted 2012 - 11 - 19
Source: web.archive.org

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