eCommerce (DrupalCommerce) is a set of tools for creating and managing an online store. It is powered by Inventory Management module and provides seamless integration of transactions and items quantities between online store and EPESI. It provides you and your customers with an easy to use, complete solution for online shopping. The newest version of this module is a bridge to Drupal Commerce Kickstart which supports multiple Drupal installations at one time.

This module is being redesigned and is unavailable for purchase at this time. Please contact us if you are interested in using it in the future.

eCommerce Features

  • Fully integrated with CRM modules - vendors, suppliers, customers, orders, multiple shipping addresses and more.
  • Online store functionality - allows your clients to put their orders online, with logging for customers, shopping cart functionality, etc.
  • Items list and descriptions - chosen items from Inventory Management module
  • Automatic integration with Inventory Management module - orders, quantity updates, transactions
  • Multiple languages - different language versions of e-store mantained at the same time, with items descriptions
  • Multiple currencies - custom defined currencies like USD ($1,234.95), EUR (€1.234,95), PLN (1.234,95 zł) etc.
  • E-mail notifications - status updates for customers
  • Promoted items - option to highlight featured items in store
  • Integration with Payments Processing module - allows automatic processing of payments for orders
  • Smart integration - Drupal Flexibility + Epesi backend


Modules required


Commercial Epesi License for Premium modules
MIT license for Epesi Core and CRM

Open Support Ticket

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