Most important part of the Accountig Boundle. This module allows editing, managing and archiving your invoices. Thanks to auto-calculating option and connecting to other financial purpose modules, Invoices module improves your efficiency, save your time and reduce risk of mistake in calculations.

This module is included and temporarily available only within "Accounting Bundle".

Invoices Features

  • Advanced search - by invoice number, company issuing, number series, employee, company
  • List of invoices - employee, start and end, duration, billed time, related records, notes, customers, employee and customer amount.
  • List of Payments - with all details
  • List of Items - with all details
  • Contact details
  • Related dates - sales, invoice, due, print, sent, paid
  • Financial features - currency, type, calculation, value, tax, payments etc.


Modules required


Commercial Epesi License for Premium modules
MIT license for Epesi Core and CRM

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